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The posts about tell me two things. One, no one can tell you what to do, all they can do is tell you what they've been through. And two, fate has a way of deciding for you.

I've know people to take the wait course and never went to college, even though they meant to. I've know people to go right to school and get right out with there degree. The most notiable was the kid that took 6 years to get through high school because of math and had a BA in 2. He then went into the Army and became an officer, the good kind. I've know people to go to college and never get a degree.

I will say this, whatever course you take, don't lose sight of your goals/plan. If your going to take a break, fine. Decide what your going to do during that time and how to pay for it, weither it backpacking through Europe or working at the local grease pit. If your going to go to school, fine. Start with an Associates of art or science. Both will get you jobs where they want people with degrees. It basically shows your willing to study and work independently. Above all be carefull with your money. There is community college, there are extention branches of state colleges, (the cost of a state college, the prestiege of a college, the class size of a private school) and there are tech schools. Whatever you do, done go to a private school if you don't know what you want to do with you career. Private schools are good for specifics (like really kick fine arts programs or doctorates or whatever). They are the namebrands of schools. And don't go main branch State College. If private schools are namebrand then main branch state college is K-mart blue light special(huge classes, taught by grad students, never see your prof
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