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Anyway, to the OP, it takes a lot of soul searching to figure out what you want to do in life. Don't let anyone patronize you for it, or pressure you into finding yourself faster than you're prepared to. My mother has always scoffed at people who need time to figure themselves out, maybe take a few months to travel and "soul search" but she seems to forget that she didn't know what she wanted to do until she was nearly 40. It's only now that she's in her late 50s that I think she really knows who she is.

If you know what you like to do, do some research online for possible career paths. Even if you don't know, the Google research could possibly help you look for ideas and give you more information about what you might find interesting. For the uni programs you're considering, take a look at course outlines and descriptions, career mapping, etc. Or check out what kind of training it takes to actually score a position in that field. Talk to a friend or sibling, communicate with your parents. Have a good long heart to heart with a trusted older confidante about your future. It doesn't have to be a parent (actually, it would preferably not be a parent), it could be a grandparent, an aunt or uncle you're close with, a close family friend, etc. Someone who has had more life experience than you, knows you well, cares about you, and can help you figure things out on a personal level while being able to be more objective than a parent.
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