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Seconding community colleges. I'm taking core classes right now before I transfer to a 4 year school, and it's so much cheaper. But then again, my mom works at another location for my community college, so I get free tuition xD I consider myself extremely fortunate. It seems like the key to figuring out a general direction is to take as many courses as you can, and some community colleges have many things to offer. Just make sure it's accredited, otherwise you're being scammed. Well, I guess the key isn't trying many courses, it's trying many new THINGS. It doesn't have to be through school. Taking a year or so off to travel or find yourself is a fantastic idea too. You don't have to go into college right after high school! I don't think you need to know what you're going to do for the rest of your life (it's cruel to expect a young person who's barely figuring themselves out to make them decide on their whole lives), but try and get a degree in something that you're ok with and will give you a decent paycheck at the end of the week. And if you find your passion, it's always good to still have a trade to fall back on in case you fall on hard times. I'd like to go into art, but I know it's a really difficult field. My mom is really pushing me to just get a degree in some sort of trade, not just because art is a crazy field. The women in our family always seem to have some sort of tragedy happen in their families where they became the sole breadwinner, but because they had a trade to fall back on, they were able to pick themselves up in no time flat. Hope my 2 cents helps.
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