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Unfortunately, you're not going to find that stuff available commercially. However, most people are taking one of two approaches with it:

1) Find a material that looks close enough to get by. One cosplayer I know used silver fabric with fishnets stretched over it to give the impression of scales, for example. Others use a sheet of foam or other material and paint the design on it. I've also seen square buttons that look close enough to pass; you could buy those in bulk and sew them on the pants.

2) Make your own armor plates. This is the more popular approach I've seen in Loki cosplay. You can cut individual plates out of craft foam, vinyl, fabric or other material and assemble your own armor. Or, if you're more ambitious, you can cast them in resin or clay. EHyde molded all of her plates out of Model Magic (and it looks AMAZING). I'm playing with rigid sheet vinyl and individual punched circles for the rivets for mine.

Hope that helps!
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