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Thursday I was Grell Sutcliff in a pale blue ballgown. I could be found with Ciel (who later changed into Miku - who lit up) and Slenderman.

Friday Grell again but in J-Rock/Lolita get up. I had an inflatable guitar. I could be found with Ciel and Bardroy, and after a while Claude/Sebastian.

Saturday I was Neo Organization XIII Roxas (which was my own design) with Final Form Xemnas. We were entry 63 in the masquerade. Any shots? We're curious as to how it looked as we ended up having to improv our ENTIRE performance thanks to the audio crew screwing us up.

Sunday was Shade-ler from The Lorax. With my friend in a MetroCon t-shirt. I was carrying around my Oblivion and the rest of my luggage.
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