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Name of Commissioner: Cosplayholic/doubleshop2008 on ebay

Website/ gallery: / doubleshop2008 on ebay

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): ordered the following:

1. Fate Stay Zero Irisviel von Einzbern Red top/while skirt version. Everything but the wig and black stockings
2. Fate Stay Zero Irisviel von Einzbern White outfit. Everything but wig, stockings, and boots (cause they are the same boots as in outfit 1)
3. Seer from Final Fantasy Advanced Tactics 2. Everything but wig, earring, and staff prop

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
1. vate=
boots: vate=
2. vate=
3. vate=
additional photos at

Timeline (how long your order took to process)
I first contacted them in late February about the costumes and paid the first week in March of 2012. Their earliest open time slot was listed as early April but I specifically asked them to take their time with the costumes as my deadline was not set in stone and I wanted quality and not rushed work. The 2 Fate Stay Zero costumes and boots arrived on April 30th. When I contacted them about the missing outfit they seem confused but eventually began working on it. Even for that costume, I asked that they take their time so that I would be sure not to get rushed work. That costume arrived June 23rd minus the shoes which have yet to arrive and probably never will. I assume they took all the time they felt they needed to complete the projects to the best of their ability.

They do not steal photos. All the costumes on their site are made by them. In the beginning they were quick to respond to my emails and the first two outfits I received were good. For those first 2 costume the fabric choice was appropriate and details of the costumes were well done.


I was pleased with the first two costumes, though they had some small issues.

The red top had white plastic snaps for the front closure. I have a large bust and the way it was done not to show a seam makes the fabric pull slightly and the white snaps become visible which really stands out against the dark red. I replaced the snaps with a hidden zipper and now the top is fine. The white skirt was too large at the waist but easily taken in. The boots were way too big and made of a very stiff fabric that means I have to be standing when wearing them as they look strange when bent. They didn't really request any measurements for the boots but I sent my own and they were still huge. Luckily they were so big that I could fold the fabric in on itself and staple to to make the boots smaller. I had to use staples as the fabric choice was too thick for anything other than an industrial machine. The back of the boots show the staples but they look fine from the front and sides. And, I can probably make the back decent as well if I can find a thin white pleather type material to cover up the strip of staples.

The Seer costume is all sorts of horrible. First, they forgot about it, then, once they finally sent it, it was really poorly done and the shoes were not sent. When the Seer costume finally arrived I was horribly disappointed by the fact that the quality was much lower than the first costumes I got and the fact they again forgot to send me my complete order. You figure that after having forgotten about it they would have put forth a bit more effort to provide something good and not to mess up the order a second time.

The preview image I sent them can be found here if you want to compare their work to the preview.

A lot of the costume they made is just confusing to me such as the total lack of details with the mittens, the poor choice of fabric for the mittens (they are like large floppy sacks with a stiff fabric glued onto them), the missing details and colored cords with the pouch accessory, using fabrics used for other parts of the costume when different colored fabrics should have been used, what the brown straps hanging from the sides are supposed to be (I couldn't even figure out how I was supposed to wear the pouch accessory until I saw the photo on their site because what they made in no way matches what it should look all), why the cape closure was an old rusty pin with white square fabric that kept snapping open as it would not hold the weight of the cape rather than fabric ties, and why uncut button holes were used to simulate the black stitching details around the edge of the cape and pants. I can't honestly imagine any professional seamstress using uncut button holes for that type of detailing. Also, in the places where the button holes would be most confusing to use in place of the threading detail (near the ears of the cape and on the mittens) said detailing is suspiciously lacking.

There were also sizing and zipper issues. While the white skirt for the first costume was too big, this one was too small (though wearable...just barely). Due to the snug fit, the top part of the pants does not flare like it should but is snug from my waist up to just under by breast. The way they took in the waist of the pants creates a large bunch at the seam hidden by the belt accessory which they didn't seem to account for when putting in the zipper. The zipper gets stuck at the place where the fabric bunches and it takes significant effort to pull closed when not being worn. I have only been able to pull it closed once and feared I would break the zipper when doing so. I cannot close it while I am wearing it and must get assistance.

They got the general shape of the costume correct, which I applaud them for as it is not a normal shape but almost all of the most basic details were overlooked and the accessories just seemed like afterthoughts. Maybe I am being too harsh, but I really don't think so. Not given how good they seem to be at getting basic details correct on other, just as complicated costumes.

I cannot take a picture of the thing that is most upsetting as I can't take a picture of something that I was never sent. The shoes for the Seer costume were never done although I specifically requested and paid for them. They know about the issue and said they would make them for me or send a refund but they haven't done either and have not responded to or contacted me at all since June.

Final Grade: D....would be F if not for the 2 Fate Stay Zero costumes.
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