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so last night my gf and i got into a big fight (keep in mind she lives in another state), or more like she was ranting because of her insecurity and jealosy. she keeps bring up past things over and over again, also she constantly thinks im going to or are cheat(ing) on her or going to leave her or fall for another girl. it seems every girl i knew even before i met my gf is a problem. "oh i was nice to a girl before we met? thats a problem?". and she thinks when i stay at a hotel for a convention i bring girls up there to do the "horizontal monster mash" . no matter what i say to her she keeps thinking the same things even more than the ones before such as i don't care for her or really love her. yea like when she visited me i just took her to see her favorite movie at the theatre and a whole day of shopping because i did not care... but from the last thing she said last night; it got so bad i had to bring my mother in to help me because i just was out of things to say to my gf. the last thing my gf said is she did not want to talk to me because my mother was so mean to her but it had to be done because my gf would just have kept bringing up the same old stories over and over and saying that she does not trust me. i might be single in the next few days and if i am i just don't know what im going to do.
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