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Ani_BEE, it sucked for your audio. We saw the replay on YouTube yesterday and thought you pulled it off beautifully! And that smack! Ouch...

Originally Posted by Prisca712 View Post
apparently the girl who did the Curse of the Golden Flower costume spent over a year hand beading it!
Yes, I can testify to that and I can also add she was at it in august every day, 8 hours a day. Completely insane she is but she's been bugging our group to do that costume for years!

It's unfortunate we were not able to watch the whole masq from the green room. However, I thought this year went really smoothly, the tables being called quite fast and almost no interminable waits. I liked that the workmanship judging was kind of isolated in it's own area.

Cheers to all of the lovely people in the Queens' den, you guys were awesome! Kudos to Twin Rova, your skit was amazing! Such lovely dancing with the fans!
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