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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
thats what everyone is telling me but i think she is just acting like that because she as been kooped up in her house from when she started taking a break from college. and just sitting around on the comuter all day every day of the week will do that to you. ill just wait this out until it passes.
That's not even a remotely good reason for her to continuously accuse you of lying and cheating. If she is this paranoid, then its really time to move on. If she has been doing this for a while, and its only getting worse, then you need to just cut it off before she gets more crazy. If you must, talk to her one more time. Tell her that if she doesn't get it together then its over. Like SpazItUp said, no trust means no relationship. You can't build a healthy relationship on mistrust and paranoia.
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