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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
im not sure if this is relevent but im her first boyfriend. the thing is when she is acting normal she and i get along fine, but she is has very low self-esteem about how she looks. in thus she thinks that will leave her for another girl that "looks better".
You sure about that?

Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
i might be single in the next few days and if i am i just don't know what im going to do.
It sounds like you'd be affected to.

Distance isn't easy on people in a relation, she understandably feels jealousy over them being there while she's not. Depends if it gets controlling or not --- but you've got some responsability/concessions to make.

It doesn't stop at "Bah, don't worry baby, I'm not doing anything with those women!"
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