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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
You sure about that?

It sounds like you'd be affected to.

Distance isn't easy on people in a relation, she understandably feels jealousy over them being there while she's not. Depends if it gets controlling or not --- but you've got some responsability/concessions to make.

It doesn't stop at "Bah, don't worry baby, I'm not doing anything with those women!"
it seems logical but she is 21 the same age as me so it could be that she is not mature enough for a relationship.

the thing is normally im not around anyone other than my mother unles go out somewhere in public. she would not have to worry about other girls because i don't know any in my state; i cut contact with every girl i ever knew when i started dating her.

i know that, the things i say to comfort her about what she is worried about seems to go one ear and out the other . she just keeps bringing the same things up over and over even if we settle the matter.
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