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Originally Posted by Xinouth View Post
Hey guys

Just a quick question, and I don't feel the need for a new topic. I want to cosplay Yoruichi, but I'm quite pale. Should I use make-up to alter my skin-tone, or is this considered to be 'not-done'?

I know I shouldn't care what others have to say about my choice and style of cosplay, but it's still something I'm struggling with. Both options seem to have a group of people that's negative about it (one half doesn't like it when you stick with your own skin-tone, the other half doesn't like it when you try to portray the character's skin-tone).

It's not exactly an easy topic to search on (or it's just because I'm horrible at using search-functions, that's another possibility )

Sorry if it's a sensitive topic, by the way!
Personally I don't think it matters what skin tone you are but if your willing to go that extra mile use dark tone makeup foundations and a makeup sealer. Be sure to cover every spot on your face including eyelids and behind ears. I would not do the backless version of yoruichi as that's a lot of work to color the back and sides. Good luck

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