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Originally Posted by Natswash View Post
I personally think that's a great idea. On a photographic note, the stairs really help people level themselves so we can see everyone in the photo.

I'm doing Denmark again, and might do a Sweden. I'd be happy to host Day 3 this time around. I would like co-hosts. Just one or two.

-Ninja Edit-
Just thought of some rules for etiquette and such. Steal Last year's!
No inappropriate touching without express permission.
No booing pairings. They almost certainly someone's OC.
Don't come up to the hosts with new pairings after the photos start. It's frustrating for the host and the pairing is probably already listed.
Exactly! We haz agreement here!
As an avid AX attendee, I learned that the West Hall outdoor Concourse is often used as a great location for large popular gatherings, like the Bleach gathering, Naruto gathering, and what-not!
I remember that back in 2008, there was an Avatar gathering and it was sooooo hot, I remember resting near the trees that were near the stairs!

On another note, it's the hosts' job to deal with pairings--They understand joo! They know what's what and what's the popular pairings! Give them some slack! X3 Unless they ASK for more pairings, that's the appropriate time to talk to them!

That's a good idea! Express permission for etiquette! Even better, a little shout-out to another character won't hurt, it's yer chance to be in character!

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