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Name: Atobe, Taran, BlakBunni, SearingRay.
Character commissioned: Christmas Riku (Hat, Gloves, Dress.)
Series: Kingdom Hearts.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: One month to finish! (It arrived in Four Months though because of USPS issues. This isn't the commissioners fault.)

Describe your Experience: She is incredibly talented! She's an artist and a very responsible and professional commissioner. She draws, paints, makes jewelry, and is very talented in so many artistical areas! I contacted Atobe in the beginning of February this year, I found her gallery on D.A. and I saw that she was taking commissions. Immediately I contacted her and asked her if she was willing to take this order. I've commissioned her for three cosplays, but this is the first one she finished and she sent it early, because we wanted to make sure that the cosplay would arrive. She's a joy to work with, she will always reply to your notes and your emails with incredible speed and she is very VERY patient and VERY RESPONSIBLE. She shipped the cosplay on May and by May 22nd the USPS stopped updating their status, we were both very concerned and she even took her time to call the USPS and talk to them. It took four months for my package to finally arrive, but it got here and it arrived safe and sound! She did a wonderful job packaging it and it arrived in perfect condition! Through the whole time we waited for the package, she showed concerned and we even discussed redoing the commission again. I know that this wasn't her fault and I understand just how crazy USPS can be. My experience with her through the whole process of the three commissions has been a wonderful one. Specifically speaking about this commission: She always showed me pictures, discussed measurements, and I'm very pleased with the result. I will definitely commission her again!

Pros: Replies quickly, has an In-Progress List in her DeviantArt account, explains in depth what she will do, shows you LOTS of pictures, and keeps you updated! She is a wonder to work with and she's very honest and a sweetheart to work with!

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A++++++
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