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Height: 5'1 - 154 cm

Current weight: 102 lbs - 46 kg

Starting weight: 109 lbs - 49,5 kg

(Goal weight: 102 lbs - 46 kg)

I actually gained 7 pounds in a couple months, and I wanted to go back to my previous weight, 102 lbs. I lost this weight after 2 months of working out 5-7 times/week. But I gained some muscle mass too and I'm actually skinnier then I was before at 102 lbs. My waist used to be around 63 cm at 102 lbs, now it is 60 cm. I still weigh myself, it's a habit, but now that I see all the changes in the mirror, I don't really pay a lot of attention anymore to the scale and I don't have a real goal weight anymore.
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