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I've been having difficulty locating what's left in the list of recommendations everyone has offered. Though I have found a few sites with a variety of animes. I'm currently watching the second season of "Darker than Black", the first season was good but it kept loosing cohesion and seemed to diverge in too far too many diverging story plots. Some of which seemed to have very little bearing on the main story and sub-story.

The second season is in some ways is better, as there is more consistancy. Plus the main character seems more realistic, in fact she is fun to watch as she and her twin brother were both human's. Then he was turned into an overly rational contractor, a couple years later she turns into a contractor as well. Except unlike other contractors, she retains the majority of her emotions, irrationalities, and human traits.

It's fun watching her interact with both humans and contractors, as she seems to take them by surprise when you acts out of compassion rather then cold logic.

Anyway, it's a good series.
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