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Originally Posted by Danteisagenius View Post
Hey! I know I am new here and all, and don't know many people, but could anyone lend me a hand here? I really would value the input of people with a similar mindset (You know; Cosplayers!). Basically, I have no idea what I really want to do with my life and high school will be over in a year! I'll admit that I am a bit freaked out (Actually beyond a bit..). I have considered becoming a game artist, an information technologist, or even a UX designer, but honestly I have no clue. I really do not know of anything that makes me "happy," (besides cosplay, but lets face it; there's no cash in that!) so the whole " do something you love" thing is not applicable. Some people tell me to try community college first to find myself,but wont I then miss out on a ton of scholarships that could be used for a bigger university or college? So confused. All I know is that I want a low-stress decent job.. Anyone out there who has gone through a similar headache? Please share if you would!
I have multiple experiences with college. I have taken music theory, chemical engineering technology, electronics engineering technology, and other courses. All of these courses were used as hobby courses.
I would suggest pursuing your cosplay career. There are many courses for cosplayers including Graphics engineering for creating your own anime, computer graphics design, and other courses for creating anime, costumes [fashion creations], and other areas of interest. Clothing design and manufacture may also be considered. If you like cosplaying very much, follow the careers designed to enhance your cosplay career.
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