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Baccano! Gathering 2013

Calling all mobsters and gangsters! Welcome to the Baccano! gathering for Anime Los Angeles 2013! Do you have a Baccano! cosplay? Then join us! This is my first time hosting a cosplay gathering, but I know my friends will be there to help me so everything should be fine!

Day/Time: Day 2, 3:00pm
Location: Patio


Isaac Dian: Hitomi-chan99's friend (maybe)
Miria Harvent: Hitomi-chan99 (maybe)

Martillo Family
Firo Prochainezo:
Ennis: ZackPuppy
Czeslaw Meyer:
Maiza Avaro:
Ronny Sukiart:

Gandor Family
Luck Gandor:
Keith Gandor:
Berga Gandor:
Tick Jefferson:
Maria Balsereit:
Claire Stanfield/Vino/Railtracer:

Jacuzzi and Nice's Gang
Jacuzzi Splot: anijess3
Nice Holystone: starrys
Chane Laforet: ZackPuppy's friend

Russo Family
Ladd Russo:
Lua Klein:
Ricard Russo:
Graham Spector: Tommyki

Genoard Family

Daily Days
Gustav St. Germain:
Nicholas Wayne:
Elean Duga:
Rachel: Shiva Edge (maybe)

Elmer Albatross:
Beg Garotto:
Sylvie Lumiere:
Szilard Quates:
Victor Talbot:
Denkuro Togo:
Huey Laforet:

If I forgot your character, please let me know and I will add them to the list!
Upcoming Cosplays:
Kouichi Kimura - Digimon (PMX 2014)
Flynn Scifo - Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ (PMX 2014)
Joshua - TWEWY (PMX 2014)
Hiroomi Nase - Kyoukai no Kanata (ALA 2015)
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear - Tales of the Abyss (ALA 2015)
Ennis - Baccano (ALA 2015)
Chie Satonaka - Persona 4 (ALA 2015)

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