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Name of Merchant: punkshop02
Item purchased: Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke) Wig - 1020
Links to picture(s) of your received item: (will put them up when I take some)
Timeline: Bought item on the 19th of August (6:09PM EST), shipped out on the 20th (3:27AM EST), and arrived here on the 25th (2-3 days before the estimated delivery time)

Pros: Quick and easy purchase, the seller was very friendly and helpful, and I'm pleased with the product I received Wig is really soft, and can be easily styled.
Cons: I guess that since their store uses pictures from other sites (like most), and some of them are even cosplay pictures (which is what the product I purchased shows), it didnt give me a very good idea of what I should expect. As for the product, my only complaint is that the color was a bit darker than I had hoped. It actually looks more like this Kuroko wig lol

Other/Comments: I should mention that this is my first time buying a wig, so I'm not totally familiar with how they should be (other than the obvious) so I'll just go step-by-step with my ordering process lol. Okay so first, I started off with researching just like I do for cosplay sites so not to get scammed or get a crappy product, and I kinda of narrowed it down to three, and then finally chose this one. It had good reviews for the wig I was planning to buy (7 of them had been sold already), so I went ahead and made my purchase, and immediately I got my eBay confirmation email along with a friendly little note from the seller. Then not 9 hrs later (times posted above) I got all my shipping information, and my wig arrived earlier than expected Okay so here, when I got my package, it arrives in this a4 manila envelope, all tied up very securely, which at first I was like, 'they just stuff it in there like that??' (Is that how they normally come?) I don't know but when I took it out it looked fine so I'm not gonna complain about that lol so yea its a great wig, and very easy to style; like by just combing the top with your fingers or a comb can fluff it up, spike it, or whatever

Good experience, happy with my wig, all is well
Final Grade: A
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