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Avengers Initiative Gathering 2013

SHIELD is assembling a team of heroes for their latest project "Avengers Los Angeles", also known as the "ALA Initiative 2013".
This will be a cosplay gathering for fans of the movie, comic, or cartoon franchises of Marvel's "The Avengers"!

At the moment, we're all set to take place at 3:40 on Friday at the Pool Deck (Bridge Area).
There will be no moving or changing times UNLESS it rains.
If it rains, the patio area is where we'll go.
This date and time is not flexible! We're officially on the gathering list and it can't be changed.

Photo Line-Up:
1. The Avengers (Heroes only, MCU or Comics)
2. Singles of each hero from "The Avengers" film (In the order of: Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye)
3. Stark Tower Crew (Tony, Pepper, JARVIS)
4. Agents (Meaning Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Jasper Sitwell, Agents of S.W.O.R.D)
4b. Young Avengers (if any)
5. All the Avengers/Villains Ladies (Female characters and Female Genderbends)
6. All the Avengers/Villains Men (Male Characters and Male Genderbends)
7. All Villains
8. Heroes vs. Villains
9. Loki with everyone else kneeling
10. Marvel vs. Capcom shot
11. Anyone I didn't call?
12. Group shot of everyone at the gathering!

(Any character not included in one of these lineups, please let me know! Otherwise, please save specialty photos for after the gathering. We only get 20 minutes before the next group shows up so we will begin promptly and end promptly as a courtesy to the next group.)

Let's do a headcount:

Avengers and Villains:
Myself: Black Widow
Tuzi: Tony Stark
Tuzi (1): Bruce Banner
Tuzi (2): Genderbend Tony Stark
QuietKodama: Hawkeye, possibly genderbend
QuietKodama (1): Black Widow
QuietKodama (2): Genderbend Tony
QuietKodama (3): Genderbend Pepper
QuietKodama (4): Genderbend Bruce
TheFukoMaster: Genderbend Nick Fury
TheFukoMaster (1): Genderbend Nick Fury
Deadlywings: Tony Stark
Deadlywings (1): Bruce Banner
Hybridchaos: JARVIS
Hybridchaos (1): Tony Stark
Hybridchaos (2): Loki
AwesomeAnja: Hawkeye
Catcrissy: Genderbend Loki
Mkanmzng1: Luke Cage
Hachiko27: Captain America
SequinSuperNOVA: Deadpool
SequinSuperNOVA (1): Lady Loki
SequinSuperNOVA (2): Spiderman
Freight: Luke Cage
ScubaRogers: Captain America
Kuro-kun: Agent Brand of S.W.O.R.D.
Deoradhan: Kid Loki
Stickykill: Thor
Yami/Kaiba: Loki
JassaxRae: Lady Loki

Dark1WingAngel: Albert Wesker from MvC
Dark1WingAngel (1): Jill Valentine from MvC

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