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I love your hair! I'm thinking Fujisaki Nagihiko (or Nadeshiko, if crossplaying isn't your thing) from the anime Shugo Chara. (Nadeshiko and Nagihiko are the same person, but Nadeshiko is just Nagihiko's female persona). If the hair color bothers you but you don't want a wig, I suggest temporarily dyeing it. I used some cheap spray on, wash out hair color from a costume store (Caribbean Blue and Midnight Black together), but for a closer match, a more extensive palette, and overall better results, Manic Panic, which can be found at many beauty supply stores, cosplay shops, and most Hot Topic locations, is a better choice. My more experienced cosplay friends highly recommend it, but it does take a bit longer to wash out, so time its use carefully! If you're looking for a simpler cosplay, you should dress in the Seiyo Academy uniform (red for Nadeshiko, blue for Nagihiko) with or without their respective Guardian capes and Character Change symbols), but if you want something more complicated (and fun!) you might want to try his Character Transformations Beat Jumper (male persona) or Yamato Maihime (female persona). You mentioned self-consciousness about your stomach, so Beat Jumper's baggy clothing could be a little more comfortable. Also, Yamato Maihime's trailing sleeves and ribbons may make navigating a con a bit more difficult. I also suggest using some basic foundation and powder to lighten your skin tone. I hope this helps! Here are some reference images:
Nagihiko (school uniform):
Nadeshiko (school uniform:
Beat Jumper:
Yamato Maihime:
Nadeshiko Formal Kimono:
Nadeshiko dance kimono:
Nagihiko casual wear (first anime appearance):
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