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(skjdfgh I'm on a friend's account because was being a butt and wouldn't let me make an account)

Eeeep my friend and I are SO in. We're doing genderbent Tony and Pepper cosplays~

As for a day, do you think Friday could work? Since for the most part Avenger cosplays don't require much work in terms of makeup and the like? My friends and I have our days set up depending on how much effort they take (Avengers/Adventure Time Friday, Left 4 Dead Saturday, and Superwholock Sunday).

Edit: Also this is the friend who's account is being used xD I'm planning on going as Hawkeye (uh.. possibly genderbent? idk i'm not all big and muscle-y so :T' and i've got a friend who may be attending as eveningdress/interrogation scene! Black Widow c:

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