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Cosplay Pre-Judging Advice?

Soooo I'm entering my first official cosplay contest with my updated Rachel Alucard cosplay, and the way people describe prejudging is seriously scaring me. I'm already nervous as it is, not so much about walking out on stage since I'm a performer, but just about the judging and how it will go. I've been to theatre conventions of sorts where the judges practically make the performers cry with how harsh they are, and I'm seriously hoping that this isn't anything like that... It's why I refuse to enter costume construction at those conventions. Could anyone give me some advice and such? This is the cosplay I'm entering with.

It's at a smaller convention, but people describe it like the judges turn a cosplay inside out looking for loose threads and little mistakes, and while I try to hide them, her cosplay has a few negative points that I'd rather people not focus on, like the slight fraying around the red areas since I had to use cotton on the more detailed bits since Im on a low budget.

I'm sixteen, and this was the first cosplay I've ever made without any kind of pattern at all whatsoever (because I hate them.) and without having anything store bought.
so yes, advice would be nice. I also don't know if this is where this is supposed to go but... thanks in advance.
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