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Any cosplay judge who does that kind of harsh criticism to a cosplayer's face is a bad judge. They do exist, of course, but in my experience it's rarer. If you do get that kind of treatment, you should complain to the Masquerade Director and/or the con's management, and hopefully that person won't be asked to judge again.

A good pre-judging should involve the judge looking at your costume in detail, to see all the things that wouldn't be noticeable from the stage. This is also your time to point out any parts that you're really proud of, where you learned a new skill, stuff like that.

Please keep in mind that every masquerade/cosplay contest is different, and some Masquerade Directors and judges may operate differently. But from my experience judging many masquerades, ideally the point of pre-judging/backstage judging is to see if there's anything special about the costume that would be missed by the stage judges. It isn't to penalize people; if a costume looks amazing on-stage, IMO it's still worthy of an award even if up-close it has some flaws. It just means it wouldn't get a craftsmanship award. Craftsmanship/workmanship awards are a bonus, meant to recognize details that would be otherwise missed.
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