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Something I did to make myself taller for a cosplay, since the character is 5"11 and I'm 5"4, is, I bought a pair of like, 3 1/2 inch tall wedges in my size, and then a pair of shoes for the cosplay in one size larger, and was able to put them on over the wedges. Then, since the cosplay calls for pants, I just wore long ones that would drape over my feet a bit so no one could see the wedges beneath. That way, they make you taller/your legs look longer but no one can tell you're wearing heels. :] I went from 5"4 to 5"9. However, this REALLY can hurt your feet. I can only wear them for like, 2-3 hours at most. But for just a photo shoot, it could work wonderfully, especially if you bring extra comfortable shoes to change into.
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