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Better than 2011, I think! Guests were definitely better. Got to finally meet Vic. However, I was upset that I didn't get to attend his panel because the staff didn't know what the fuck they were talking about. I ended up missing the panel because of faulty information. I was really upset about that. But it's whatever. I would just like the con staff to be more organized? I know its a hectic time and everyone has questions, but it's alright if you have to take the time to look up information or double check. Idk.

Uh...disappointed with the musical guest. I'm really over the visual kei bands. REALLY. Can we get something different this time around? This was really the only thing I had a huge problem with.

Heres a pro: I LOST WEIGHT. 4 pounds. I thought I would gain because of all the junk food that was provided through the con. I guess the shutting off of the elevators and such really helped haha.
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