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First time at D*C in 2 years! My costumes are as follows and if anyone got any shots of them, let me know! You can pm me here or email me at

Saturday Morning: Merrill from Dragon Age 2 (black hair, chainmail catsuit of DOOM, elf ears, green tunic, leather armor on legs and arms)

Saturday afternoon: Raider from Fallout 3 (strainer bra, spikry armor, purple double mohawk)

Saturday evening: Leliana from Dragon Age: Sacred Ashes (red hair, dark armor, silver scale armor, thigh boots, bow and arrow)

Saturday night: Lana Kane from Archer (dark ponytail wig, red turtleneck mini dress, black thigh boots, shoulder holster, tin foil duck)

Sunday morning/afternoon: Steampunk Lara Croft (long brown braided wig, blue/gree. top, leather underbust cinch belt, tan stretch pants, tan leather holsters)

Thanks in advace guys!
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