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^Is there anywhere on it where a brand or model is printed? You could look it up, and possibly find a manual for it online.

I have one paragraph left. I'm trying to choose my words and say only what I need to say....and now I need a conclusion paragraph without being redundant. But while I"ve been writing this, I looked up the school more and the more I do, the more excited I get. I think I know for sure that I want to major in biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomechanics, and looking at the curriculum, I think I can definitely manage college.

It saddens me a little bit to think that realistically, doing the things that I really WANT to do during the summer, like dancing for Disney and taking classes with THE Susan Hilferty, aren't the best if I really want a career in this. Classes at NYU are doable after I graduate, but I think by the time I'm secure enough to be able to audition as a dancer for Disney just for the summer I'd be too old, or maybe not even dancing anymore.
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