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Okay sorry guys for the late replys~!! I do it now haha>.<'


Hmnn I can see Uruha from the GazettE, Ruiza from D, Kyan from Golden Bomber, Naraku from ClearVeil, Possible Kaya aswell as Junji from Kiryu.


Bou/Miku from An Cafe, Hiyori from Kiryu, something a lil darker could be Riku from Phantasmagoria? xD, Aoi from Ayabie and maybe Hizaki from Versailles~


I'm thinking Mana from Moi Dix Mois/Malice Mizer, Kaya, Nii from Girugamesh, Takahito from Ayabie, Kanata from LIN/RIN ~End of Corruption World~ and Uruha The GazettE.

I hope the suggestions were okay.. And sorry for being very late haha^ ^'
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