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Done with my essay! I forgot to leave room to edit in things about mentorship but I'm sure I can work that in later. I need to clean but I guess I'll just do that tomorrow. I need to sew my shoes....shouldn't be too bad. I think maybe I'll start cutting and pleating the next row of my tutu afterwards!

I honestly feel so terrible for one of my best friends. He's Asian, and his parents are very strict. I feel terrible, that he's been spending all of his summer taking SAT classes. And he had been all year. At least 4 hours a day! I think after a few months it doesn't really make a difference, and it's been WAY more than a few months. And he was saying how he wanted to minor in dance--just a minor!--and his mom was lecturing him all the way back home (they were out doing some stuff) and afterwards he was stalling in order to avoid a giant lecture at dinner that would continue for a while and probably span until the next day. That sounds like an exaggeration, but then I've met his mom a couple times and totally believe it. :|

Anyway, Emmers, good luck with the move!
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