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I'm debating trying to sell my used organization XIII coat and my Zexion wig... they'd be cheap, but the catch is they're not in the best of shape, hence selling them cheap (the coat's accurate and of a nice fabric but got shrunk in the wash, so is a bit short and the zipper's rippled, though probably fixable by letting down the hem and lining and reattaching the zip; the wig's been dyed and styled like mad so doesn't have a nice soft texture any more). I don't wear the cosplay any more, they're taking up space in the closet, and I could really use the extra money right now... I just dunno how likely it would be for anyone to actually want the things.
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There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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