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I concur with the above, I know I'm very late on putting my feedback but here's what I think about this year's AX compared to last year (which was my first one) and how that affects my attendance to next year's AX:

I had a WONDERFUL time last year, It was my first and it was AMAZING!! The Touhou gathering, the Hatsune Miku concert, the BotB contest! the AX Idol auditions (I didn't make it but I met wonderful people whom made it to the finals and cheered for them and the contestants!)
Congrats once again to the AX Idol 2011 finalist and the winners!

- The Preregister line went quicker this year! I know this time I waited like 5 hours before it opened, but it sure went quickly.
- the red carpet was still there on the exhibit hall~!
- AX Karaoke Contest went great~! congrats to the winner and the runner ups~! I had an awesome time singing there and I am happy to have won 3rd place~! <3
- not sure if enough pros here

- No Battle of the Bands (this is why I go to AX)
- No AX Idol (this is why I go to AX)
- AX Masquarade's tickets this year vary by seating.
- ESPN's X Games interference (that includes traffic and public transportation)
- No Club Nokia
- No interesting GoH
- No Nokia Theatre
- No Official Cosplay Gathering list
That which really messed up a few gatherings with organization and location like the Tokusatsu gathering, me and some of my buddies were lost and had no idea where exactly the gathering was due to where they were placed at, and at the time I arrived (and my buddies ended up not find it) it already ended. BUMMER!!! And the Touhou gathering, for example, we had to move to somewhere with shade because the location given to us had a lot of sun and we'd have to interfere with the Hetalia gathering, but fortunately everything went awesome (except that we didn't do any dances this year gah! >_< bad Choxie!) oh! and thank you Freight for helping us organize the Touhou Dinner! it went great~! Hopefully this may happen again next year~!! and thank you to the attendants who helped me lead the Touhou gathering! My deepest gratitudes!!

Overall, this year was MEH for me. like really. I'm glad I paid $45 for this year because if I were to pay more than that, then it would be definitely disappointing. I go to AX because I want to compete in AX Idol and there wasn't anything incredible other than the Touhou gathering. I didn't buy my AX Badge this year because I'm highly doubtful if I want to go or not, I'm not even sure if there will be any BoTB or AX Idol, if there won't be any of them this year then adios AX and hello AM2 (or any other con)

Hopefully I'll go next year. >.<
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