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Originally Posted by animejunkie View Post
As far as concert venues go, I thought Hall G worked surprisingly well but I would much rather see Nokia be used again. But make no mistake, Nokia Theater shouldn't be used unless it's a big, big 'ZOMG,I can't believe they are coming to AX' guest. Club Nokia works fine and I would much rather pay the flat $20 for a more intimate concert experience.

As far as tools like Peter Ngo who would say that using said venues would require more expensive ticket prices than this year's prices, that would IMO be patently false as I've heard from more than a few people that it cost AX more to rent out and build out the setup in Hall G
I don't know about Club Nokia, but I hear it's pretty expensive, like almost as expensive as Nokia Theatre to rent out. But then less staff is required, so it might be cheaper overall.

For Nokia theatre, a very rough estimate is $100,000 a night(?) Or as much as double that? The best guess, at least, from looking at financials from similar years where they had the Nokia versus years where they didn't. Renting it out is only part of the expense, you have things like security, administration, insurance, and overages (can be significant if an event starts/ends late). The cost for Club Nokia is harder to guess at.

The thing is I don't think Nokia has ever paid for itself. 3500 people paying $20. is only $70,000. I think Nokia has always been 'subsidized' by the badge fee. Not that that's a bad thing. And I think in the earlier years, members got one free Nokia ticket to the event of their choice?

Also if anyone is in the local area and interested, this:
near the end of the month.
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