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I won't be any pokemon myself, but my girlfriend is going as ninetails on one of the days. Dunno the details for her but a I'll see what she thinks about a photoshoot. I've done one of these before myself. My basic advice is the sooner you have a concrete plan the better and pick out a meeting place for this. For Neko, the best spot is using the fountain right out front unless you wanna go somewhere away from the convention. But it's also a really popular spot for other photoshoots. So you might have a little competition depending on when you do it. Also if you don't have a really nice camera or someone that wants to take the pictures, there are a lot of people on this site that love doing that stuff. Stormraven24 did my shoot for my group last time. She's just plain awesome. She might wanna do it for you guys too if you ask. Hope some of this helped out and good luck with it ^,^
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