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Friday: Eric Slingby (with Alan Humphries)
Friday Night: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)
Saturday: 4 Chords Gamzee Makara (with 4 Chords Tavros Nitram)
Sunday: Young Lily Evans (with Young James Potter)
Sunday Night: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)
Monday: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)

I guess I should post some stuff to help identify us, too! To my knowledge we were the only Eric and Alan, so I think we were pretty easy to spot. In 4C Gamzee I had a tattoo sleeve and a crab tattoo on my hand, I had violet contacts in, and my Tavros was walking along with me instead of in a wheelchair. As Young Lily I was wearing a Gryffindor cardigan and grey skirt with red tights and a maroonish wig, and I was the Fem Dave with the kind of long blonde, curly wig, wearing black (and red, on Monday) floral tights, red Converse, and a red polka dot hair bow.

Any pictures you guys have would be awesome!
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