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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
I normally just take everything I'm given at CC with happiness, but then I had a thought today while working.

I would LOVE to learn from someone with experience either drafting or interpreting patterns, sort of the basic ins and outs of commercial patterns - the terminology, the reasoning behind things like shaping, interfacing, ease, etc, and when/where it's safe to eliminate or change steps in the pattern. Like a lot of costumers I'm entirely self-taught, so I don't have any of the history of fashion and couture that designers and such might have, so there's some things I can't actually say I know a lot about. Like, for example, ease and why every single pattern includes sleeve cap ease whether you need it or not. I'd love a crash course in commercial patterns and what is/isn't necessary to know about them before using them. If not for myself, then for everyone else who actually needs that info and isn't merely curious like I am.
Seems a lot of self taught people don't understand ease. I didn't either before I decided to do fashion design in school. Has to do with the way the machine moves and feeds the fabric. Feed dogs pull the bottom layer, but presser foot wants to push the top layer. Ease helps keep both in place, especially on curves like sleeves.
I don't know how CC works because I've never been to one before, but I'd be willing to volunteer some time to be on panels about sewing technique and using commercial patterns. (I don't feel confident enough in my pattern drafting or block making skills, so I wouldn't do those) I don't have professional credentials, though, I'm just a student.
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