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Originally Posted by Evil Bishounen View Post
You can go to judging wearing your costume, or bring it in on a hanger or in a box. I tell people to do whatever shows the costume off better. If you're wearing it, no one will physically nitpick, flip things over, or turn inside out without your permission. Judges understand personal space.
This is one thing I disagree with. As a judge, I will get up close to your costume and I will flip your seams. I have to be fair to everyone in the contest - those who went the extra mile to finish their work properly and those who did not. Some costumes, it's impossible to tell the difference unless you start to flip things over (large ball gowns, for example). I also prefer to see the costume on the person because I think fit is extremely important. How well it fits, how it hangs on the wearer, what it looks like in motion, proportions accurate and pleasing to the eye, etc. If it comes in on a hanger or display, then I can't fully score the costume until I see it on the wearer on stage. Though it does give me the ability to really see everything - so there's a good side and bad to that. Most cons though require contestants to be in costume. The only con I have judged that did not was Fanime.

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