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College Cosplayers?

So I've decided to start this thread specifically for cosplayers currently in college.

State your majors/minors and etc. Tips for other cosplayers in college or going to be in college and other things you do in school besides cosplaying. It's just kind of a free for all.

I'll start.

I'm currently 19 years old and in my Sophomore year of college in IL. I'm double majoring in History and Sociology and minoring in Museum Studies. I hope to someday earn my Ph.D in Korean History, more specifically the Korean War and hopefully teach at the collegiate level.

I live on campus even though I live about 10 minutes away and because of this I have met the most amazing people that I don't think I would've met if I had commuted.

Edit: I am happy to say I am now President of the East Asian Cultural Society [Anime Club], a Sophomore Senator in Student Government, Vice President of the Animal Rights Organization on campus.

Cosplaying in college has been a little bit rough so far because I don't go home as often and I'm always panicking about things being shipped to campus and having to fix cosplays at the last minute with limited resources. Living in Illinois is great because there is always some convention to go to and my parents support my new addiction which is a plus. If I do well in school, they'll pay for me to go to a con.
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