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Glad to see this thread is still going, as for me I've been a tad busy but I have been playing the game now and then. I have a question for you guys, have any of you downloaded user mods off of Steam or Nexus?

I have about 24 different mods ranging from more graphic realism (lush textures and seasons) to better functionality (combat and companion).

If anyone is interested in knowing the specific mods I have let me know and I'll post them. I would simply post them now, but it will take me some time to do that so I want to know if there is interest first.

On a separate note, I finally, FINALLY, cleared out the majority of my miscellaneous quests and now catching up on all the side quests. Also one of the mods I downloaded recently gave me much better light armor which now gives me something like 240 armor.

Hope everyone is well and having fun.
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