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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
You know, I'm gonna have to disagree. I can remember, maybe 10-12 years back standing in front of a rack of games and thinking, "I just don't see anything that looks worth $60." That is absolutely not a problem now. Also XBLA and PSN have really opened things up for smaller developers. Journey? Fez? Two of my favorite games this year. I don't play most of the big US franchises - your "Call of Madden Halo Warfare" - but I loved Mass Effect 3. ACIII is going in a new-ish direction. The new one from Quantic Dream the name of which I forget sounds interesting. Watch Dogs doesn't look like the kind of thing I'd like, but it does look different. IDK - I'm sure that I don't play as many games as most of you guys, but I don't have any problem finding new stuff to play that is actually new and not just part of my backlog.
Fair enough. I guess I should have states in mainstream gaming is kind of in a ghetto of sequels and annual rehashes, but the indie/pc scene is thriving to an extent. And like you said, there's been PLENTY of non-sequels from Japan that have delivered, ie, Catherine, Bayonetta, well anything from Platinum really, and a few gems I've missed.
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