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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Fair enough. I guess I should have states in mainstream gaming is kind of in a ghetto of sequels and annual rehashes, but the indie/pc scene is thriving to an extent. And like you said, there's been PLENTY of non-sequels from Japan that have delivered, ie, Catherine, Bayonetta, well anything from Platinum really, and a few gems I've missed.
Back in the time I couldn't really buy many games, there was incidentally not much coming out that got my eye. I've had several wanted games a month for most of the past years, it's only in 2012 that there's a strange slowdown on my purchases, as I watch the release schedules each week and realize there's nothing I want --- that I don't already have at times. (Last week was compilations of God of War and inFamous, both of which I already have all installments off. Did we need the package deal so early? Probably not, but it makes it easily purchasable for people who initially skipped out).

I *do* feel things are slower in 2012 than they were before. But I certainly don't think we have less good releases now than in the PSX-era or before. It's really just nostalgia acting on us.

There's also the thing that gaming is much more accessible for me now in terms of stores, I remember buying Quest 64 (Which was a load of crap) for 90$ with taxes and that was the regular price for games at that store (Which is long since closed).

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