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Honestly, I have very mixed feelings about Afest. This has *always* been my favorite con of the year and I look forward to it. However, this year... I wasn't impressed. I've been going to this con for 10+ years, and this was the worst year I've been to. However, let me explain.

Registration: As everyone has been saying, it was horrible. Not as bad as A-kon, but I'd expect a lot more from Afest. It's a smaller con and should have a better registration line setup. I waited for more than an hour on Friday and the line was only a few yards long. How did this happen? I have no idea. I just know that I was pretty pissed off when I finally got my badge. And the badge sucks. Too big. It covered up some intricate parts of my costume that I worked really hard on.

Panels: Some of them were really fun. However, some of them needed to be organized MUCH better. Like, the Anime Dating Game. I couldn't see the people in the game and I was only a few rows back. Also, before the con even started, there was an event called the Anime Maid Contest. Either it was canceled or the people at info didn't know anything. Either way, I didn't go and was extremely disappointed that I couldn't. Panels were only 50/50 for me.

Dealers Room/ Artist Alley: I actually enjoyed this. Good job.

Cosplay: Sigh. I'm not even going to elaborate on this. Everyone's comments are pretty much what I'm thinking. Just for future reference, audio was pretty bad. Please work on that next year.

Hotel: Wow. It was horrible. I love Starwood hotels and I got horrible service while I was here. The wait staff at restaurants, the room service, the info desk... No one seemed to care that I was their guest. But, for Afest, the bigger space was appreciated. At least I can say that.

So, my opinion is this: I will come back. But, this year wasn't that great for me. I'll hope that next year will be better, but, I can only cross my fingers. My final score for Afest? 50/50.
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