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So, I had to log in. Just to comment on something.

Am I the ONLY person who knew where and when every panel started? o.O?
I know they didn't print a real schedule (They had a crappy list of the panels and their times, but not location), but am I like the only person who used their schedule online?
I found their online schedule days before the con, signed up for every panel I thought I'd enjoy (which was WAY more than I actually managed to attend. xD), and it then made me my own personal schedule, which I added to my phone I had two copies of it.
Did no one else do this? Because a bunch of my group did.

I just would like to say that I loved that system. I thought it was great. But I think it would be better if you maybe made a phone app next year instead. Or at least fixed the whole "Refreshing the page after you signed up for each event." It made it hard to do on a phone. :/ But please don't get rid of that system, because it was awesome. At least all of us thought so in my group. xD

Other than that - I don't have much to add. As I thoroughly enjoyed myself and other the registration being kinda funky, I don't have many complaints.
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