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no idea on that end but its always great to see Umineko cosplays! I've been seeing more and more every year and its great! There was a time when you'd be lucky to see any!
Well I just got into both series myself in the past two years, and I I adore them! And I wen to Anime North 2012 and I only saw Higuashi cosplayers, no Umineko ones, and I was upset. I was really hoping to see another Bernkastel or maybe a Lambdadelta~ (Because I was a Bernakstel~) It is great that there is more and more every year~ My first year to Anime North 2009, I saw a Beatrice and Battler cosplay and they looked amazing! I'm hoping Anime North 2013 will have more Umineko and Higurashi cosplayers and will have some photoshoots planned~
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