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Originally Posted by Nikineko View Post
I didn't know they had an online schedule. I remember looking at the pdf version online but that didn't have times or locations on it either, just the descriptions of each panel. Besides there a lots of people who don't have access to the internet while at a con. Not everyone is going to think or want to get online while at a hotel (which you have to pay for internet) to find the schedule that the con should have printed out in the program.
You have to pay for wireless. But a lot of people have smart phones that come with data. And while not everyone has a crap ton of data, it still doesn't take much to log into a site and look at a schedule.
But this is also why I suggest an app. Again, most everyone has a smart phone nowadays. Granted, I'm not saying these things should replace a hard copy of a schedule you hand out to attendees, oh no, you should ALWAYS have a hard copy of a schedule. I'm just baffled that no one knew there was an online schedule you could use. All I did was go to the website a few days before the con and BAM in my face, schedule. I never even saw a pdf version of it. Maybe I was just lucky? XD I don't know. But it was VERY useful. So maybe the website should have advertised this schedule more than they did so more people would have used it?
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