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Originally Posted by thephoenix View Post
Panels that needed set-up time sometimes didn't get it so those panelists constantly were trying to kick the prior panel out early so they had time to set up. I believe that's why the Cosplay Dating Game had to end early.
The dating game actually ended up like that because someone [I believe it may have been a staff member, but don't quote me on that] told contestants beforehand that we had no events after us and could run as long as we wanted, then came back later after the first and second rounds took their time and were very entertaining, and then told us we had to end in 10 minutes or so because there was a premiere after us.

My only irritation concerning the whole thing was that someone accused me of "rigging" my round... **facepalm** I always sit on the end for a reason, so I have time to come up with witty answers. They assumed I had pre-planned everything so I'd be chosen.
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