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Biggest complaint: What the hell was with the schedules. This was the first and only year that I have been to a con with the schedules that were printed in a small font, awkwardly folded and had little to no organization beyond the days and times that the panels were held.

Secondly, no cosplay chess? I was severly dissapointed. I would have gone to the cosplyer battle but I had no idea what it was ie: no good explaination on the schedule, so I missed out. Also, I was very dissapointed in the anime dating game and I don't think I was the only one. The whole room was pretty packed when we got there and before it ended, there was maybe 1/4 of the people left. Please be better organized next time and pick some... decent panelists.

Lastly: The dances were pretty lame until Sunday. That DJ rocked the house! Bring him back. Also, conga lines: super dangerous. I was almost mowed over several times. NO NO NO conga lines. Drunk people go to the dance and that is a very very bad idea.

Thank you guys. It was still a pretty good con. I was impressed that you guys kept the escalators going. Also, not good to have a wedding and a reunion during the con. Just kinda, disruptive to both parties. Not to mention the Michigan state guys kinda... threw a wrench in things all weekend.

The space needs some getting used to, so keep on chugging.
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