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As for the intermediate winner in a bikini, I looked closely at her armor, and then questioned her about it. It was hand sculpted, sanded to near perfection, then silicone molds were made of them, THEN casted those pieces really well. Plus a very clean paint job. It may not seem impressive to someone who has not learned the skill, but what she had was far superior than foam armor. I understand what went into it, its actually more impressive than my full set of armor that I entered with.
I have to agree with this in that it seems like people are always confused about why others won after every convention, no matter where the convention is. Sometimes when I'm watching a contest, I wonder myself, but then I realize that I'm not the person who judged all of the costumes. There were many details that I never saw. It can be really hurtful when someone reads on a forum that people say they didn't deserve to win. Also, one person's opinion of "amazing" is another person's opinion of "meh, average" and vice versa.
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