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Originally Posted by smash View Post
Thanks for the heads up Ani_BEE

This year I've done Frankie Stein's Home Ick and C.A. Cupid. Have to say, I love doing Cupid and am hoping that she will have a new outfit come out soon so I can do her again next year!

I've never been to Anime North somehow but plan to attend next year. I'm a huge MH fan, love cosplaying/constructing the costumes, and it would be amazing to be part of a big group! I don't know who I'd want to do at the moment but I'm sure I'll be inspired soon I've been trying to convince my other half to be Invisi Billy as his first cosplay ever was Deuce in his casketball uniform last year and he had a great time! Painting him blue though.. he isn't sold on that yet lol

Rochelle is amazing.. Nagii I can't wait to see what you do!

I also have sensitive skin and Mehron gave me no problems.
lol, we'll have to see. I cant start cosplays to after xmas :/ <-- Nagii ( I didnt realize on this computer I'm signed into my siblings acc :/ )
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Anime North 2014
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TF Con Canada
Saturday: Jazz ( G1)

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Fan Expo
Sunday: Madeline Hatter ( Ever After High)


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