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Wacom: Because of working all the extra hours for that freebie at work that we had, I was able to get the Wacom from a store that matched internet prices. It's the Bamboo Capture I plugged it in, but haven't started messing with it too much. It seems pretty complex, but I should be able to get it eventually.

Zant: I see. I wouldn't mind seeing that one a little more up close. That always seemed like an intriguing project.

Swords: I'm sure he would like that as a Christmas present. I have a Ryobi one that works pretty well. I've cut through oak, which is really tough. For the Duke Sword (Dein Nomos) that is.

Mascots: Well, for Pen Pen (I will probably do the same for Raku), I am trying to have as many sewn seams between pieces so it looks nice and clean. Gluing pieces next to each other can look a little messy. I'll take photos of as much of my progress with Pen Pen as possible. Once I fiberglass the head, I'm going to start putting the fleece (since it's a penguin) on his head.

Workout: I bet it gives you a good workout. Running in general has never been to friendly with me. If I went to a gym, I'd generally do the elliptical over a treadmill. Chlorine can definitely be really annoying in the pool. I did do a little walking while at PAX lugging around some photography stuff. I also did a 40 mile bike ride the day after. I think I have been overdoing the biking in general, so I'm limiting myself to 20-30 miles a day for a while. I need to do some more weight training because apparently doing only cardio burns muscle instead of fat.

Esper Terra: It sounds like the duct tape dummy idea works pretty well. I guess I should make one of myself for various projects. Spraypainting seems to work better for a universal smooth look. I think it's better for sci-fi armor. For Cecil, I really want some precise weathering.

Dissidia Update: That would definitely be cool if you could get out to Lithia again. That place seemed to work really well for Terra last time. If I remember correctly, I think Terra called Edgar and Locke by Mr. Edgar and Mr. Locke in the game. I think with FF9, I restarted the game the very next day. So when do you think Rapunzel will be good to go?

My Update: Well, nothing related to Dissidia until I finish Pen Pen (trying to get through it as fast as possible). With Pen Pen (I'll put my update here since I don't know where else I can - don't yell at me), I decided to fiberglass the head to make it more rigid and "professional." So I've been putting layers of glue on the tape over the foam to protect the foam from meltage from the fiberglass. The next step is to do the fiberglassing. Time to use the mask, eyewear, latex glove because that stuff is toxic to all hell.

@MDA - Hope Cloud Of Darkness goes well. I'm thinking my roommate isn't going to be the happiest person in the world as I get through this Pen Pen over the next week or two.
In Progress:

Pen Pen (Evangelion) - 10%
Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia) - 95% - wig needs restyling.
Cecil Harvey (FF Dissidia) - 10%


Emperor Gestahl (Final Fantasy VI)
Rakushun Rat form (Twelve Kingdoms)
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Link Zora Armor (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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